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Morgan Beall

Microfinance Manager
For the last five years I’ve had the pleasure of working in Vancity’s Community Investment Department as a Microfinance Manager, providing high-risk, non-conventional, character-based loans to start-up entrepreneurs. Before becoming a Microfinance Manager I spent six years in conventional lending, and can attest to the fact that cashflow lending is just as serious a discipline – it requires a high level of due diligence and a reasonable expectation of success.

The cashflow loans I specialize in are high risk, but they’re also high in community impact, focusing on micro-businesses that provide social, environmental and community benefits. Many of the loans I underwrite go to not-for-profits, women entrepreneurs, local organic food concerns, and a wide variety of social enterprises.

Working in debt-financing has taught me to leverage funds to mitigate risk. I take pleasure in minimizing the default and maximizing the opportunity for each and every stakeholder. Of course, lending without recourse to collateral requires a flexible approach to loan structure, and the applicant’s character necessarily comes to the forefront of the loan officer’s considerations. I’ve learned to build successful business partnerships, and to provide the tools my clients need to become financially literate before approving their loans. Since becoming a Microfinance Manager I’ve met thousands of entrepreneurs, underwritten hundreds of loans, and enjoyed very low default rates.

Before joining Vancity I was a mechanic, a pilot, and a boat builder.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, September 28

15:00 PDT